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TOP: rum, whiskey, black pepper, saffron, bergamot

MIDDLE: tobacco, cherry, violet, cade, eucalyptus

BASE: vanilla, leather, smoked tonka, guaiacwood

Whisk away to open rooms permeated by plumes of dry sweetness from Cuban cigars, where glasses are filled with golden spirits inducing even the most reluctant observers to join in the rhythmic beat of the night. Lost in the charismatic energy and balmy dark skies, this delectable and undeniably masculine scent of tobacco, whiskey, and rum with leather overtones is perfect for a worldly, modern appeal. 


Size per melt: 1.45"x 1.45"/ 3.6cmx3.6cm

Weight per set: 3.8oz/108g

Estimated Scent Time: Approx.65 hours

Carefully remove the desired number of wax melts to put on display or heat in your wax warmer. If warming the wax melts, allow 15-30 minutes for scent to fully emerge and envelop your space with luxurious and multi-layered fragrance. Once you have placed the wax melts in the burner, do not add water or oil to the melted wax. Keep away from direct sunlight unless using wax warmer. Avoid placing colored wax products directly in contact with surfaces that may absorb coloring.

• All natural soy wax • Clean fragrance oil • Meticulously handcrafted in the USA • Our products arrive in complimentary deluxe boxes ready for gifting

*Due to the handcrafted nature of our products, there may be very slight variations in color of placement of design despite meticulous attention to detail



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What Is The Scented Melts Collection & How Do I Use The Melts?

Our Scented Melts Collection features 106 grams of all natural soy wax and measures 1.45"L x 1.45"W x 0.8"H per melt. The scented melts come in a package of 6 and can be placed into a wax warmer of your choice to heat and liquify the wax, releasing an aromatic scent into your surroundings. Designed so that the décor and scent work in unison to transport you to their named destinations, our scent melts will take you on an olfactory adventure of multi-layered notes unfolding to create a detailed landscape for your pleasure.

You can place as many scented melts as your wax warmer can accommodate, although it is our recommendation that you initially experiment with a fewer number of melts and add additional ones as desired for greater scent concentration or disbursement. 

Upon turning off the wax warmer, the melts will cool and solidify. Simply turn on your wax warmer to re-melt the wax and fill your space with aromatic ambiance. Some wax will evaporate with each use of the wax warmer. Discard remaining wax and replace with new scented melt(s) when the fragrance has disintegrated. 

Alternatively, the scent melts may also be displayed in a dish, tray, or on other table or countertop décor.

How Long Do The Scented Melts Burn?

Nous75 scented melts are 150% larger in volume than the average melt and therefore will burn for a much longer time period as well. Each cube is expected burn approximately 10-12 hours, depending on the heat intensity of your wax warmer. Safer than candles with their flameless aromas, the heat from the wax warmer releases the scent contained in the melts.

What Is The Recommended Maximum Use Time For Scented Melts?

Maximum heating time for the scented melts varies depending on the heat intensity of your wax warmer and whether it uses a light bulb or tea light (or other flame).

How Do I Remove Leftover Scented Melts From the Wax Warmer?

Once all of the scent has evaporated from the melt (or is no longer dispersing at your desired concentration), heat the remaining wax until it is completely liquified and pour it out. Using a dry cloth, wipe away any remaining wax residue.

Are Scented Melts Safe?

Yes. In fact, they are safer than burning candles, especially if your wax warmer uses a light bulb as opposed to a tea light. Without the harmful effects of smoke from candle flames or the concern of leaving the wax warmer unattended, the scented melts can be left in the wax warmer until they have completely evaporated. Generally, wax warmers can continue to stay on even with no melted wax in the tray or bowl.


Are There Shipping Costs?

Nous75 offers free for shipping for orders where the subtotal equals or exceeds $90.

How Will My Product Be Shipped?

All products are carefully secured in custom Nous75 boxes that sit inside an outer shipping box. Shipment will be via USPS Priority Mail. 

What Is The Expected Delivery Time?

Due to the artisan, handcrafted nature of our products that are made to order specifically for each customer, we require slightly longer time. Approximately 7 business days. Holiday surges may cause additional 1-2 day delay.

Will I Be Able To Track My Shipment?

Yes, shipping and tracking information will be provided to you in an email once your product(s) ship.


Our products are wrapped in deluxe signature boxes ready for gifting.