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Manhattan Muse

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TOP: magnolia, orange blossom, grapefruit, bergamo

MIDDLE: clove, cedar, saffron, geranium, rose, lavender

BASE: sandalwood, patchouli, dark musk

Fall into the beautiful chaos of the vibrant city streets, teeming with exuberance and savoir-faire. Seducing young and old alike with her form and essence. The scent of magnolia fill the air during a stroll in its iconic parks.  Notes of magnolia and bergamot call to mind strolls in the city’s iconic parks while saffron and clove pay tribute to its diversity. Moody patchouli and dark musk anchor the encounter with the muse-like metropolis.



Dimensions: 4"L x 2.2"W x 0.8"H / 10.3cm x 5cm x 2cm

Weight: 3oz / 85g

Diffusion: at least 3-6 months

Eternity Ring

Dimensions: 3"Diameter x 0.8" H / 7.2cm Diameter x 2cm

Weight: 1.48oz / 42g

Diffusion: at least 3-4 months

Tableau – Gently remove tableau from the cushioning tissue paper and hang/place the tableau you wish to add a refreshing citrus or botanical scent and statement to your ambiance. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat.

Eternity Ring Gently lift the eternity ring from the adhesive dots keeping the product secure during shipment and hang or place the eternity ring anywhere you desire to add a touch of elegance, beauty, and subtle scent.
Keep away from direct sunlight and heat. Avoid placing colored wax products directly in contact with surfaces that may absorb coloring.

• All natural soy wax • Clean fragrance oil • Meticulously handcrafted in the USA • Our products arrive in complimentary deluxe boxes ready for gifting

*Due to the handcrafted nature of our products, there may be very slight variations in color of placement of design despite meticulous attention to detail

Manhattan Muse


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What Is The Eternity Ring Collection & How Do I Use The Eternity Ring?

Eternity Ring Collection features 42 grams of all natural soy wax and measures 0.8”H and 3” in diameter. The most delicate and sophisticated of our collections, the eternity rings add a debonair flair to any space. Each one infused with a unique and pleasing fragrance that is slightly more subtle than the other collections. An elegant addition to any room, our eternity rings are classic and timeless, with scents that will carry you to your reveries. 

Scent Last: 3-4 months

What Is The Tableau Collection & How Do I Use The Tableau? 

Tableau Collection features 85 grams of all natural soy wax and measures 4”L x 2.2”W x 0.8H.” Adorned with hand-dried, hand-pressed flowers and organic dried fruits, the tableau is an artistic compilation of simple elegance. The most substantial of the three collections, the tableau provide a lovely aromatherapeutic source of fragrance and home décor accent. Each tableau possesses its own uniquely blended fragrance by our own in-house perfumer. 

Customers seeking a larger statement piece with stronger scent throw will enjoy the tableau. Bolder and simpler in design than the Eternity Ring Collection, the tableau is perfect for larger spaces and those desiring a casually elegant and clean look.

Scent Last: 3-4 months

What Ingredients Are In Nous75 Products?

At Nous75, our products are crafted with all natural soy wax and clean fragrance oils that are safe and environmentally conscious. 


Eternity Ring and Tableau Collections can be placed anywhere you desire, with the caveat of avoiding places that may melt the wax such as near appliances that generate heat or in direct sunlight (depending on the season).  Some suggestions include hanging from handles/knobs of bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen cabinets, nightstands, towel holders, doors; inside dressers and closets; on consoles and kitchen countertops; as part of your centerpiece or dining table arrangement; in decorative trays; as a paperweight on your desk; inside a clear vase; as ornaments on a Christmas tree or other holiday décor.  


Are There Shipping Costs?

Nous75 offers free for shipping for orders where the subtotal equals or exceeds $79.

How Will My Product Be Shipped?

All products are carefully secured in custom Nous75 boxes that sit inside an outer shipping box. Shipment will be via USPS Priority Mail. 

What Is The Expected Delivery Time?

Due to the artisan, handcrafted nature of our products that are made to order specifically for each customer, we require slightly longer time. Approximately 7 business days. Holiday surges may cause additional 1-2 day delay.

Will I Be Able To Track My Shipment?

Yes, shipping and tracking information will be provided to you in an email once your product(s) ship.



Monogramming your product allows you to customize your scented décor and add special meaning to it. Perfect as a gift to yourself or others, a monogrammed eternity ring or tableau offers a unique touch to each piece.


Our products are wrapped in deluxe signature boxes ready for gifting.