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Our Story


Our journey began when three friends with different expertise, sharing in a collective passion for beauty and scent, came together with the ambition to create distinctive and elegant products with timeless appeal and where delicate beauty intertwines with evocative and captivating scent. Following many considerable months of research and experimentation, we cultivated and refined our dream into a desire to provide a lifestyle aesthetic offering luxury and indulgence for everyone. The result is what is depicted on our website – quality handcrafted products that serve not merely as décor or merely as scent, but rather a marrying of the two in a delicious ensemble, bringing to life sweet memories and distant lands. Our goal is to provide genderless scents wrapped in natural beauty. Conscientious of environmental and health concerns, it was important to us that our products are clean and natural.  We hope you embark on this journey with us and join our Nous75 family; after all, Nous translates in French to “us” and we are all traveling through this one life together.

About The Founders

Angela a practicing attorney focusing on civil litigation and business law for over a decade and has spent time on both the East and West Coast. When time permits, she enjoys exploring different countries and their respective cultures, historical sites, geographical beauty, and cuisine. She also enjoys quiet moments with a good novel and a candle. From a young age, she has been drawn to the aromatic allure, escape, and ambiance that elegant décor and scent together offer as a whole. Envisioning products offering fond reminiscence or that captivate the essence of moments, places, and emotions, she endeavors to bring those memories and essences to life with the discovery of each product. She is married with two adorable dogs, a fluffy fox-like and affectionate American Eskimo and an endearing Yorkie. Angela’s love of home décor, adventure, travel, and luxury candles guides Nous75’s aesthetics and scents to bring exquisite beauty and sophisticated aromas to suit your mood and desire, whether it be to escape and be transported or simply to indulge in redolent reverie.

Lily has been a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGI) after graduating from Academy of Arts in San Francisco and has spent the last decade building her career as a Corporate Branding Strategist and Senior Graphic Designer, with clients that include high profile international companies. She has a passion for all things creative, with photography and interior design being among them.  Given the chance, she enjoys traveling and has lived in New York, San Francisco, and most recently Los Angeles. Her strong interest in self-care, beauty and wellness infuses her work at Nous75.  Her passion for scented wax and candles is best described as a favorite hobby. Lily is married and while she loves both cats and dogs, she is currently an owner of a boisterous and sweet border collie.  She is mindful to fill her surroundings with pet friendly objects, something that is of importance to Nous75 as well. Her design skills elevate Nous75 to a level of luxuriousness that enhances the experience of Nous75 products from beginning to end, mastering the art of subtle refinement.

Serrina pursued a degree in design at the renowned Academy of Arts in San Francisco, California. Since obtaining her design degree she has spent the last decade working in the fashion industry as a Textile Designer and Production Specialist, producing home interior and fashion designs for multi-national companies such as Nordstrom, Macys, and Target. Serrina is married and a mother to two young girls and a boy. As an artist, she enjoys all forms of art, not least of which is baking delectable desserts during her free time. As a mother, Serrina is invested in products that are clean and safe for her family to be around, including the products by Nous75. Her artistic talent, quest for perfection, and years of honing her skills contribute to the romantic, meticulously crafted, and elusive je ne sais quoi detail of Nous75 product designs.